How Long Before A Dead Mouse Starts To Smell Dead Mouse Smell In Wall?

Dead mouse smell in wall? - how long before a dead mouse starts to smell

We had to freeze a little problem with mice at the time began. My friend did not understand and believe in death with poisins traps (they are babies and slow), then release. Well .... we still have a dead mouse in the middle of our walls. Very difficult to cut B / C is also wood. What do we do? It smells so bad, and I'm a nice freak own, so I'm constantly with candles and sprays, but if the smell away? Like I said, it is impossible to enter and remove the mouse .. let it find the exact spot you are. The mouse is small, but she was not this time ... Right? Any help with something about the smell or the approximate time it stinks would be appreciated! Thank you very much!
PS I told my friend (which I'm sure you have a vagina when it comes to something to kill) in the decontamination of mousetraps, not kill you after. So, hopefully, help to ensure that the mouse is over the future.
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4cryinou... said...

It might take a couple of months for the body decomposes. This happens faster in hotter summers. But it will not disappear with time.

Do not use poison because when most mice die in walls and crawl, and you have to feel for a long time. I think a cat. Then see where they are inside and on the screen lock or something.

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